Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pleasure and Learning (Norman, 2004)

In each of the design groups, graduate students discussed:

How might we attend to “physio-, socio-, psycho- and ideo- pleasure” in our designs for learning?

Physio-pleasure: sights, sounds, smells, taske, and touch

Social pleasure / interaction

Reactions and psychological state

Reflection on the experience

Unfortunately, I was unable to save the great ideas that emerged. Can anyone from class help by posting ideas in the comments section?

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Bernice Kitchin said...

physio – idea - add music, colors, buttons, anything utilizing the 5 senses
socio – idea - supporting teachers in collaborating with each other, supporting each other
-idea of viral marketing linked with learning, if pleasurable they will tell others
- providing opportunity for choice and customization
psycho – idea - it is easier to adapt the design than change the learner
- relate to what learners enjoy, what they do on a daily basis
- use the element of surprise to engage them unknowingly
ideo-idea - share learning beyond the classroom, supporting learners in talking about home, personal experience
- appreciate the system works for them - the solution help them achieve their goal
-appreciating that the solution helps them