Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World Views: Three Levels of Design

In the context of the "big ideas to think with" in Vicente's Ch 4&5 and Norman's ch3, each group was asked to discuss how the (i) three levels of design, and the (ii) human-technology ladder, apply to their project.

1. The Pattern Heros - Guitar Hero & Patterning
  • How can we make the best interactive game that teaches and engaging division 1 students in recognizing and producing a pattern?
  • Graphics and sound extraordinaire!
2. 2Busy2Learn - Corporate training
  • Defining our user using concept maps, adult learners
3. Holiday Engaged Learning - Family Treasure
  • Children from diverse backgrounds who are learning English
  • Increasing vocabulary
  • May not speak English at home, or have tech support at home
  • Holding humanistic and mechanistic aspects together
4. ESL Online Center - Global Language and Globalization
  • Teachers building projects to help ESL students
  • Listening, speaking, writing - basic levels, modular approach
  • Blend of media (video, journals, audio)
5. The Cookie Jar - Distributed Students
  • Creating a learning environment that supports students "wherever" they are
  • Junior to senior high school learners
  • Student focused Life management system
6. I3 - Inquiry for Teacher Learning Through Inquiry
  • Bring teachers together to learn together about inquiry
  • Engaging in an inquiry to design an inquiry focused program for teachers to learn through inquiry
  • Viscerally appealing, collaborative, social cohesion, shared expertise

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