Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exploring Vicente and Norman's Views on Design

Graduate students were invited to discuss, albeit briefly, some initial impressions based on reading Kim Vicente and Don Norman's views on design and the relationship between humans and technology. Here are some ideas that emerged from the groups:
  • There is / can be a disconnect between humans and designers (makers and users)
  • Ikea is a great example of design that is both usable and beautiful
  • Norman talked of the change from emphasis on the behavioral approach to design to the reflective realm
  • Industrial design originally focused on usability with end-user in mind, now more of a focus on user-experience, emotion and includes end-user in design process
  • A design needs to appeal on all three levels visceral, behavioral, reflective – and be connected to culture. We may need to change the emphasis on each level depending on the culture.
Graduate students in 679.02 are encouraged to add additional thoughts and comments to this discussion.

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